whales II Series, 2012-ongoing

Whales II is a series exploring our cultural change from whaling to whale watching. As we learn to pay attention to these grand creatures, they give us scientific markers as well as beauty and song. The contrast of hand-dyed fabric and translucent wax surfaces depicts the interplay of the land and sea environment and how we perceive what’s above and below the ocean surface.

A percentage of all proceeds from this series is donated to Orca Network, a Northwest organization for actively protecting orcas.

For more on making art about whales, visit my blog: Whales, Art, and Warming Oceans. I invite sharing the feel-good moments that inspire us, solid findings from ocean science, and images, maps, and diagrams that ignite action.

Also, visit the Small Offerings Gallery for additional whale and ocean works.

Format: Most pieces in this series are mounted on stretcher bars and measure 22" by 28" before framing. They are either vertical/portrait format (28h x 22w) or horizontal/landscape (22h x 28w) format, and have a simple painted wood frame ready for hanging.

Click on image captions for larger view and descriptive information.