Whales I Series, 2008-2009

Growing up in New England with its widow’s walks, I was always aware of the era when men went to sea for trade and whaling. In this series, I explore the “romance,” brutality, and controversy surrounding whaling: past, present, and future. Graphic whalelike shapes and water patterns are used to explore the many aspects of whale life, whaling, and ocean ecology.

A percentage of all proceeds from this series is donated to Orca Network, a Northwest organization for actively protecting orcas.

For more on making art about whales, visit my blog: Whales, Art, and Warming Oceans. I invite sharing the feel-good moments that inspire us, solid findings from ocean science, and images, maps, and diagrams that ignite action.

Also, visit the Small Offerings Gallery for additional whale and ocean works.

Format: All are mounted on stretcher bars and measure 22" by 28" before framing. They are either vertical/portrait format (28h x 22w) or horizontal/landscape (22h x 28w) format, and each has a simple painted wood frame ready for hanging.

In 2008 I began using encaustic wax mixtures for their particular sense of depth when fused over hand-dyed fabrics. Since 2009 areas of hand-dyed and stitched textiles are left exposed next to those covered in clear and pigmented encaustic.

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