LETTERS HOME Series, 2011

This series is an homage to the artist’s two uncles, who wrote Letters Home “religiously.” One was a Trappist monk, self-signed as Monkle. The other was a French Canadian missionary in Japan—thus, mon oncle. Because neither would have wanted their writings made public, the images offer only glimpses of the letters while honoring their lives.

Various combinations of hand-dyed fabrics are stitched and collaged with the letters’ text. Areas of clear and pigmented encaustic wax add depth, and their reflective surface contrasts with the softer textures of unwaxed fabric.

Format: All are 10" by 10" before framing. Each is presented in a flat frame with metallic trim ready for hanging (gold frame shown at right).

Note: Encaustic medium lasts for centuries when kept between 32°F and 140°F. Small crackings from handling are part of the texture. Lightly buff with a paper towel to restore luster.

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