What Is Creativity Coaching?

Although creativity coaching is for all artists. I choose to coach visual artists, especially those in fiber art and mixed media. We meet regularly by phone to focus on your creative goals and dreams and the steps needed to achieve them.

Each of us is unique

The main power of creativity coaching comes from your commitment. Simply entering into an agreement to have regular sessions in the service of your creative work adds energy. The combination of accountability and support can inject new “juice” into your creative work, sparking a new kind of ongoing momentum.

A particular benefit of breakTHROUGH Creativity Coaching is my invitation to build on what you already know about yourself. I ask questions that highlight your strengths, values, and unique style of making changes and accomplishing goals.

Creativity Coaching is ...
Highly individualized … in both content and format
A relationship … where the coach helps you do for yourself what’s needed to accomplish your goals
Focused on you … discovering and developing your own skills and vision


Creativity Coaching is not ...
Critiquing your work … Although some coaches will critique or edit work, they usually do this with a second arrangement, separate from the coaching agreement.
Psychotherapy … Doing creative work means venturing into the unknown. Although this can stir up old feelings, in coaching these are integrated into your creative process. The focus is on forward movement and taking action rather than on therapy’s goal of resolving past issues.
Life coaching … Creativity coaching includes balancing your art-making with the rest of your life. In life coaching, the focus is more on the whole of your life, including goals beyond creative work.
Mentoring … Mentors are experts in their particular field and often use that knowledge to advocate for younger folks in that world. Creativity coaches help you develop your networks and support alongside the coaching.
Teaching … Teachers have skills, techniques, and knowledge to pass on to their students. Creativity coaches have no preset curriculum. That said, many teachers also coach as time allows; I’m privileged when they refer artists to me who would benefit from more individual coaching time.

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