Time Your Coaching - Checklist

Even though many artists could benefit from the support of creativity coaching at any time, there are certain crossroads that can serve as signals for coaching. To see if this is a good time for you to start breakTHROUGH Creativity Coaching:

  1. Quickly check off which of the first items below are true for you these days. If you’ve checked more than one of these signals, consider creativity coaching as a way to move you past this place.
  2. If you’ve checked any of the signals, then think through your readiness for coaching using the Readiness Markers that are true for you.

1. Signals

  • My normal flow is blocked and I can’t think of any reason for its timing.
  • I am feeling stuck and my usual techniques to get going again are not working.
  • Self-help books are not helping.
  • I have committed to a new project or deadline and want support to successfully reach this next level.
  • I recently started off with great energy and now have lost momentum.
  • I need to produce more work.
  • I have been feeling isolated and would like some honest feedback in a confidential, supportive relationship.
  • Classes are leaving me with work that looks more like the teacher’s than my own style.
  • I sense I need to upgrade my basic creativity skills.
  • I am plagued by a variety of inner critics brandishing a weapons arsenal of self-sabotage, fears of the creative process, perfectionism, overwhelm, self-doubt, immobilizing comparisons to others, and plain old low self-confidence (whew!)

2. Readiness Markers

  • I am able to arrange my schedule to keep coaching appointments and work on creativity tasks between times.
  • I am willing to experiment with changes in my behavior and track the results.
  • I am open to learning more about my creative process and becoming aware of the related decisions I make on a daily basis.
  • I can arrange the next three-month period so I can invest the money and time to include creativity coaching in my life.
  • I will work as a partner with my creativity coach in taking my creative process to a new level.

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*Adapted from Auerbach, Jeffrey. Personal and Executive Coaching. 2001. p. 246.