Compare Coaching Options

Individual vs. Group Formats
There are times when your progress will best be supported by a creativity coach who becomes one person who understands all the details of your unique creative work. One-to-one coaching over the telephone is especially suited to this private time; it is a special way to follow your own personal style of creativity and how it is trying to bloom forth.

In terms of fees, group coaching costs less, but that is only a bargain if there is value for you in working in a group. There are those times when the give and take of a small group is just what is needed to get your work jump-started or to maintain momentum. The sharing of the ups and downs of the creative process can enrich the journey for every member of the group. A small group working together regularly either by phone or in a combination of phone and shared emails can be just the ticket.

Initial Coaching Arrangement
Format Coaching Time Coaching Cost Benefit
Individual Coaching
(3-month minimum)
2 hours a month minimum $200 per month minimum Privacy
Group Coaching
(3 months)
9 sessions, 3 each month (see Groups) $105 per month Reduce isolation

Ongoing Coaching after an Initial 3 Months of Individual or Group Coaching
Format Coaching Time Coaching Cost Benefit
Individual Coaching 1 hour a month minimum $100 per month minimum Flexible as your needs change
Group Coaching 9-session format from available topics or propose your own with three other people $105 per month Flexible for a group that works together

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