How Creativity Coaching Works

breakTHROUGH Creativity Coaching Elements
Whether I work with you individually or in a group, I keep in mind the coaching elements below. It is not a series of steps but serves as a background map so we know what part of the creativity flow you’re working on. Many clients spend most of their coaching time on only one of these elements.

flow of coaching elements

The Coaching Agreement is an important element for all. Since making changes includes practicing them so they become part of you, I ask for an initial coaching agreement of 3 months.

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Coaching Formats

Individual sessions can be 30 or 60 minutes, as many times a month as fits your needs. See minimums in Compare Coaching Options.
How do we accomplish anything in as little as 30 minutes?
This happens in an organic, yet systematic way. The approach can be fluid and organic for those artists who work holistically and intuitively or in steps for those wanting structured tasks. In each session:
     • progress is reviewed,
     • goals are refocused,
     • actions are designed and agreed to.
Between sessions, you learn on your own from exercises tailored to your specific creative work.
Groups run for three months with 3 sessions each month. The January and September groups are highly tailored to fit those in the group. Others have a preset theme.
How does this work on the phone?
Easier than you might think. Groups range from 4 to 8 people, and each person simply says their name before they start talking. Quite quickly, a normal conversational pattern takes over with sharing of milestones met and setbacks weathered, often lightened with laughter.
Email is used to communicate with the coach and encouraged among group members. Each session is followed by an email of backup resources and exercises to do on your own. Jump Start January and Startup September alternate telephone and email contact.
Group coaching details:
     Jump Start January
     Startup September
     Clear the Deck: Making Time for Making Art
     Deepening the Source

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$100 per phone hour. Fees are payable at the start of each month by credit card or check. The cost of the call is paid by you.
$105 a month or $315 for a nine-session series. You can pay by credit card or check at signup or the beginning of each month. It is up to you to pay the cost of the call to the teleconference number (New York State) at the prearranged time.
   Gift Certificates:
As you’re considering finances here, you might want to consider my Creativity Coaching Gift Certificates for a friend’s or family member’s upcoming birthday or holiday gift. For more information or to purchase a gift certificate email or phone me at 360-675-4457 (U.S. Pacific Time Zone).

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