Welcome to breakTHROUGH Creativity Coaching

  • Inspirational QuotationI coach visual artists by phone who are creating fine craft and fine art.
  • My joy is to help you make the changes you’ve been longing to make.
  • As a Ph. D. psychologist, artist, and former psychotherapist, I bring you the latest information and tools for change.

What Is Creativity Coaching? What is its power and how does it differ from other support for your art-making?

How Creativity Coaching Works:
Creativity Coaching elements
Coaching formats and fees, individual and group
Compare coaching options
Group details
Time your coaching. Use this simple checklist to explore your current situation for the right timing.
Creativity Coaching Helps You:
Get your art made. Has your day job or family time kept you from doing your creative work on a regular basis?
Build your body of work. Are classes and workshops no longer enough to keep you going in a clear direction?
Strengthen your unique vision. Will deepening your own creative sources free you up to make work more uniquely yours?
How Do I Choose a Creativity Coach?
Use the internet to learn of a coach’s other work experiences, philosophical beliefs, and style of providing both structure and support.
Go to Meet Diane, Coach for a summary of my professional experience and personal approach to coaching.
Email me to ask for more information.

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